Box House


Materials Needed:Box-House

Large cardboard box (refrigerator, television, etc.), scissors or utility knife, pencil, masking tape, miscellaneous craft supplies



Draw at least one window on each of three sides and a door on the fourth. Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the windows. For the door cut just three sides so that the left or right side acts as the door’s hinge. With just the tip of the knife, cut a slit, without cutting right through, along the hinge portion of the door. Reinforce with masking tape. Cut a hole to be used to open and close the door. Paint and decorate to look like a house.


Brian says:

To add more height, open the flaps at one end and tape the sides together as if it were a continuation of the walls.

Use a piece of Bristol Board, folded in the middle and taped in place to make a roof.


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