Balloon Christmas Tree

A Balloon Christmas tree can be any size and are a great conversation piece during the holidays.  Best of all, they’re easy to make!


Materials Needed:A balloon Christmas tree from What To Do With The Kids

Green balloons, fishing line, sand.



Fill and size two balloons to 10 inches and tie together. Repeat. Twist the two sets of balloons together once so that you have four balloons tied at the neck. Repeat the above but using balloons sized to 8, 6 and 4 inches. Fill another balloon with just enough sand to act as a weight. Tie one end of fishing line to the neck of the weighted balloon. Place the set of 10 inch balloons on top of the sand weight and twist the fishing line gently around one of the balloon’s neck. Push down slightly as far as it will go. Repeat with 8, 6 and finally with the 4 inch set. Tie fishing line around one of the balloons at the top and cut excess carefully.


Brian says:

“These trees can be any size as long as you keep the balloons sized properly.”

“To make Christmas bulbs, use printed balloons, such as stars, inflate and size so that they fit between rows. Use rubber cement to hold in place.”


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