Review: Cool Kind Kid (CD)



Cool Kind KidCook Kind Kid® from Tanner’s Manners is a good CD for teaching kids some of the most basic skills such as being polite, to think before you speak, and to use your manners.

These 17 original songs by Steve Megaw have catchy tunes that unfortunately seem to all sound alike after a while.  The adults felt the bland drum machine used throughout made the CD sound longer than it was and since adults are with their kids when the music is on, this CD may not be one of their first choices.

Although the singing is okay and the harmonies are pretty good when the kids sing together.  Understanding the lyrics is a very important feature of any kid’s CD and these are easily understood.  The most popular song on the CD with the kids and parents is “Rude Rudy” which sounds extremely like  Little Richard.



Our Recommendation:  MAYBE

If your kid has problems understanding how to be polite then this is the CD for you.



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