Top 10 Classic Games or Toys That Kids Should Be Playing With

Top-10-GamesPlease Note:  We have revised this list which can be found HERE.

What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) is pleased to release the results of our Special Report: The Top 10 Classic Toys or Games That Kids Today Should Be Playing With.

WTDWTK polled a number of parents from around the world using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and old fashion email and unlike our past Special Reports, contributors were more than happy to recall their fondest childhood memories of playing these games or with these toys.

Many commented on how these games and toys helped to develop their creativity, motor and cognitive skills and in this age of social media, their social skills. After all, there is no need to wait for someone to type their response back to you when you’re sitting right next to them.

In the age of electronics that were unheard of over 25 years ago, none of the top 10 uses electronics or needs batteries.

The Top 10 Classic Toys or Games That Kids Today Should Be Playing With:

  1. Jump/Skipping Rope
  2. Lego
  3. Building Blocks
  4. Monopoly
  5. Tinkertoy
  6. Jacks
  7. Chutes & Ladders
  8. Chinese Checkers
  9. Scrabble
  10. Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve received so many responses with so many different “classic” toys and games that the WTDWTK staff has created the “Unplug the Electronics and Let Them Play With These As Well” list.

Active Toys & Games: Bicycles, Pogo Stick, Hula Hoop, Hop Scotch , Hide and Seek, Tag, Swing Set.

Table Top & Board Games: Candyland, Mastermind, Sorry, Junior Scrabble, Clue, Yahtze, Checkers , Mouse Trap.

Other Toys & Games: Bubbles, Marbles, Hangman, Kites, Crokinole.