Why Camping With Your Children Is Always A Great Idea


Camping with your Children is written for What To Do With The KidsWith the summer holiday months looming you are no doubt trying to plan what to do to keep the children entertained and prevent them from being holed up in their rooms, glued to the television or their mobile devices the whole time.

Camping is a fun and cost-effective way to get the whole family together in the great outdoors and to build some wonderful memories. Even if it rains a camping experience still creates a wonderful story for the family to share and laugh about for years to come.

As well as beating holiday boredom, there are many benefits of going camping for your children, as it provides several different but wonderful opportunities, the most obvious being that they will be outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

In this internet age it’s so easy to stay indoors glued to the mobile phone, tablet or laptop and to entertain yourself with hours of game-playing, surfing and social networking. But we all need to switch off and actually get outside and enjoy the real world. Fresh air and sunshine can boost moods, provide us with vitamin D and make us feel happier and healthier all round.

There are plenty of outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy, from an outdoor trampoline for both children and adults, to putting on your hiking shoes and all going on a hike to seek out an amazing countryside view together.

If you are by the sea you could try out a new water sport like windsurfing, or why not have a try at something new like pony riding in the countryside? Being outdoors is a great way to get active and try new things together as a family.

If your children have never been camping before then it’s a whole new learning experience for them to take on board and expand their horizons.  Every element of the camping experience, from learning how to light a bonfire to sleeping under the stars and cooking food outside will be a huge exciting adventure for them.

They will also learn a lot of new information and skills, such as how to put up a tent, what the stars look like at night and what kind of wildlife and insects come out at night. Spending time in nature can be really educational for children. They can take part in nature walks nearby and learn about the different types of trees or birds that thrive in the area.

It really gives youngsters and the rest of the family, the chance to experience outdoor life and they will learn how to rough it and see a different side to the world away from their comfortable beds and centrally heated homes. They can do jobs with you to get the site set up and the food cooked and realize that they can only eat what is there, choices are more limited and they might have to cope with mud, rain and flies.

One of the big bonuses of camping with children is they will become incredibly active and will soon forget about the latest Facebook drama as they experience climbing trees, hiking, walking, racing each other, exploring the woods and helping to forage for firewood. There are many activities involved in camping and you can be sure they will get a good night’s sleep under the stars afterwards.

Camping with children is a relatively low-cost holiday as well, without the need to dig out the passports and spend hours in airports waiting around, which is never fun with bored children. Once you have invested in your tent, sleeping bags and basic equipment, it is a very cheap way to get away from everything, leave all the technology and drama at home and just enjoy being together as a family.

Camping is also very flexible.  If the weather turns nasty, or there is an issue that means you have to pack up and go home, you can if you are not stuck in another country, reliant on travel companies and airlines. You can just load up your car and go home. Equally you can extend your camping trip potentially.

If your kids are put off by the idea of roughing it, then try a new glamping site where the camping has added glamour, or maybe opt for a more comfortable mobile home rather than a tent, where you can make the most of a lovely countryside or seaside location for all of the fun outdoor activities.

Whether you want the real outdoor, live in a tent and gather the firewood experience for your children, or you prefer the comforts of a caravan, camping will always provide a fun outdoor adventure for all the family with the chance to learn new skills and spend quality time together.


Luke Miller is a freelance writer and digital content enthusiast. Enjoys rock concerts and cross fit in his free time.  



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