Before you start fighting for the latest gifts

Before your start fighting for that gift from What To Do With The KidsWith Black Friday kicking off the holiday shopping season, many people are sharpening their elbows and bulking up waiting to make the mad dash to some big box store to get the latest toy or gadget for their kids but maybe they should just take a moment to think about what they’re doing.

Some years ago, parents decided that their kids had to get the hottest, latest, coolest toy or gadget for Christmas or else they would be labelled a terrible parent.  Marketing has done an incredible job in convincing parents that they HAVE to have it for their kids because if they don’t, their friends won’t play with them which will result in their self-esteem dropping so low that voices will pop into their heads telling them to hurt themselves.

There is much more to the Christmas and holiday season than being one of the fortunate few to get something.  Kids may be disappointed in not getting something that’s been advertised 200 times a day but what kid hasn’t?  It’s been over 50 years and I still haven’t got the pony I always wanted!

If you’re lucky, maybe one of their friends has it and they can play with it over at their house?  You just saved yourself two hundred dollars and a few bruises shopping for it.

And what about you as a parent?  Will you feel better about yourself because you laid a perfect pile driver on an unsuspecting grandma so that you can get the last one on the shelf?  Is your resume peppered with tales of how you captured the last Beanie Baby, Cabbage Patch Doll or Furby over the years?

There really is no need to become a raving lunatic.  Most manufacturers have more products but they only release a small number to create buzz and interest so crazy people can go nuts for them.  The media is always looking for seasonal stories so they usually regurgitate the latest press release because there’s not enough “fake news” out there to fill a whole broadcast.

What about all the electronic gadgets out there/ especially televisions?  People with a 50 inch screen want the new 70 inch and those with the 80 inch want the 120 inch screens.  Why?  How much bigger do you need the picture to be?  How can you watch anything without having to move your head back and forth so that you can see the whole screen?

Of course, that’s for a regular TV.  There are now “smart” TVs that can read your every thought and 4G televisions that broadcast so fast that they air shows that haven’t been made yet.  Waiting a few nano-seconds to view something is so 2010.

Smart phones are always popular this time of year because just like the television, nobody has time to wait for anything unless it’s to actually buy the latest phone.  These people have no problem lining up and waiting for days in front of their local electronics store so they can spend their lives watching a small screen for instantaneous content.

But the most important piece of advice I can offer people this year is not to carry any weapons when they shop.  Is it really worth someone’s life just to get the last Hatchimals on the shelf?

Just relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.  Try to remember why you and millions of others are celebrating this time of year and it’s never about what gift you gave.


Happy Shopping!



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