What a Party! Film at 11


Capturing an event on tape is a great way to relive the moments or forget it if it was really bad. Not only can you freeze a moment of your child’s life for all of eternity, you have some great ammunition to use later on. Imagine threatening to show your kid’s friends a copy of him/her finishing last at the annual accordion competitions when they were six.

The best photographs that I’ve ever seen of any event, especially weddings, are the candid ones where people are having a good time without having to stand still for five minutes while the photographer sets his lights up.

Depending on the size of your event, assign someone to video or take photographs. Tell them to make it discreet so that people don’t make a fuss about having their picture taken. Smart phone cameras today can capture almost any lighting condition without the use of one of those mini-lighthouse lamps that make you feel like you’ve just scaled the wall at Sing-Sing.

If your event was a birthday party why not include a photograph of the guest with the birthday boy or girl along with the thank you note.

Offer to send copies of the video for friends, family, performers and anyone else who would like to recapture the event.

Posting a video or photographs online can be convenient but be very careful as to who can access it.  Privacy is extremely important to people and having their kid’s image online might not make them too happy so unless you have their permission, don’t do it.



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