Water Slide

Water Slide by What To Do With The Kids
What To Do With The Kids has some simple instructions on how to cool off in the hot weather and what better way to do that is with your own water slide?  It’s very simple to make and everyone can enjoy cooling off and having fun.

Your local hardware or home building store will have rolls of plastic sheeting used in construction.  The rolls come in different thicknesses so buy the thickest one available.    If your plastic is too thin, it won’t last and plastic tarps have grommets on the sides that may hurt when sliding over them.

The ideal place for a water slide would be on a gradual slope preferably on grass but your front lawn works just as well. Be sure to check for rocks, sticks and anything else that would hurt when the kids slide across.   Look for dips and hills too.  The purpose is to slide down it, not up and over.  Any place that has ski jumpers on it is too steep.

Place a garden hose or sprinkler at the top so that the water trickles down the plastic all the way to the bottom.  It is important that there is water along the entire path or else the kids will experience a sudden stop and plastic burn.  If your slide is relatively flat, use a water sprinkler so that it constantly sprays water on the plastic.  You can also use an old garden hose with a number of small holes in it that you can run along the plastic.

You will have to experiment with how much water flow you’ll need.  You want just enough for the kids to slide but not so much as to flood your backyard.

It is also extremely important to make sure that there is a safe “landing” area.  It would be preferable to have the slide end on the plastic since sliding across grass can leave a nasty burn.

Set a few rules as well such as no running along the slide and no one can slide until the entire slide is clear.  If the kids are taking a running start, make sure they do it safely.  Start slow at first.  The idea is to have fun, not to visit the hospital so supervise at ALL times.

I strongly advise that adults should test the slide out themselves a number of times for research purposes.



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