Super Hero Party



The invitation can be a request from the “World Peace Federation” to attend a special meeting at your house. OR use ours:  Super Hero Party Invite


At the Party:

Have the guests come dressed as their favorite super hero or if they don’t have one, let them create one. It may be a good idea to have a spare super hero outfit (whatever you have around the house) on hand in the event that a child arrives without one or is too shy to bring one and decides they want one after all. Anything tight and with a mask around the eyes is perfect. You want everyone to participate.

Create a secret federation hand shake. This could involve thumping their chests three times, turning in a circle and then grunting the alphabet. Whatever you come up with make sure that it is easy to learn.

As they arrive have them introduce themselves as the Super Hero and talk about what super powers they may have,

if it wasn’t already obvious. Address them all as members of the Super Hero Federation.


Food & Drink:

Place settings with the “World Peace Federation” logo (which you’ve already created) and the names of each super hero.



Crafts: Have them make their own super hero flag or their own supersonic x-ray binoculars.

Games: Have them use their super hero powers by capturing a bad guy with the It’s A Wrap game or I Like People Who and have them use their super powers as the things people like.


Loot Bag:

Super hero comic books, pencils and stickers.


Brian says “If You Want To Go All Out…”

“Dress yourself up as a very obscure super hero by wearing boxing shorts over sweat pants. Knee high socks, a sweat shirt worn backwards along with a cape and spiked hair. You battle the forces of evil by wetting the tip of your finger and inserting it into unsuspecting ears. This act would freak the bad guys out that they would leave town. Tell your guests you can’t help yourself and let the good times role.”



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