Sock Hop Party



The information can be printed on a label and placed on an actual 45 rpm record. The invitation can look like an old juke box. OR use ours:  Sock Hop Party Invite


At the Party:

Have the boys come as greasers and the girls as teeny boppers. Help the boys accessorize by slicking their hair back. The girls can have pre-made poodles pinned onto their skirts and put their hair in pony tails. Provide the words to songs like “Purple People Eater”, “Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” and “Louie, Louie”. Teach the old dances like “The Swim”, “The Twist” and “The Funky Chicken”.


Food & Drink:

Burgers, French fries and milk shakes.



Dance contest. Watch out for the “couples”!


Loot Bag:

For the boys: black comb, temporary tattoo. For the girls: make-up, hair ribbons.


Brian says “If You Want To Go All Out…”

“Rent a couple of cars from the 1950’s and show the kids how to properly drag race down the main strip. Have bail prearranged.”



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