Skating Party



Can be in the shape of an ice skate, roller skate or inline skate. OR use ours:  Skating Party Invite


At the Party:

Ice Skating Party: Have the kids meet at the arena. Many offer party rooms.

Roller & Inline Skating Party: Have the kids meet at the roller rink (where many also offer party rooms) or somewhere there is a fairly smooth and obstacle-free concrete area. Basketball, tennis courts or empty parking lots are options.


Food & Drink:

Outdoor barbecue near the skating area would be ideal.



Games: Dress Up Relay, Train Relay, Freeze Tag, Capture The Flag. Crafts: Paper Hats, Fridge Magnet.


Loot Bag:

Touques (Winter hat), colorful mittens, pocket hand warmers.


Brian says “If You Want To Go All Out…”

”For a slight fee, hire a major skating show to allow the kids to perform the closing number at their next performance.”



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