Santa’s Village


Christmas and Holiday Fun with What To Do With The KidsTo make seeing Santa a little different why not have the kids visit Santa’s village? The basic set-up is very similar to a haunted house but without the severed hands and dead bodies.

Tell the kids that through the magic of Christmas, they will be transported up to the North Pole where they will take a tour of the village and then meet Santa.

Depending on the size of your group, keep them to about 4-5 kids (including parents with the younger ones) for each tour. Start in one room where the kids are told that they are in a magic travel box that will bring them to the North Pole. Sound effects can include a tape of a little rumbling followed by the sounds of sleigh bells getting louder and louder.

The door opens and the kids are greeted by an elf who will take them on the tour. Using the same set-up as the haunted house each area can have a skit with a Santa theme. The first area could be of a couple of elves working on some toys. One elf can say to the other that they need the blue box but not to touch the red box. The elf then looks at the kids and starts to talk to them while reaching for the boxes making sure that he picks up the red one. When he picks up the red one the bottom falls out and toys (soft) fall on the other elf’s head or feet who then collapses. It ends with the elf on the floor saying that he told him not to touch the red box. The elf leading the tour then tells the kids that its time to go.

The next area is described as the painting department where all the toys get painted. Two elves are busy having a painting fight (making sure that they don’t get any on the kids). When they see the kids they stop fighting and get back to painting. The elves then introduce themselves and explain what they are doing. A few remarks are made that include one of the elves claiming the other does not know how to paint and illustrates it by showing a doll with the face painted on its rear end. They start going back and forth until a paint fight breaks out again. The elf leading the tour then tells the kids that its time to go, quickly.

The next one features a disgruntled elf who looks after the reindeer. He spends his time shoveling (dirt) and explaining that the reindeer practice all year round. The elf then looks up and yells “hey Blitzen, a little higher with the knees!” The elf can talk about how he keeps spare noses (red light bulbs) for Rudolph and that he uses a lot of glass cleaner to make it very shiny.

Next is where they make the Christmas candy and cookies. Each kid is given a cookie.

The last one before they see Santa is the “Naughty and Nice” room. There a series of complex equipment and lots of computer printouts list all the naughty and nice kids. The elf then asks each kid for their name and looks up the list. The elf at this section can have a lot of fun but must be aware and recognize how the kids react. Everyone however does make the nice list in the end.

The final stop is Santa and his special room of gifts. With his elves assisting, the proper gift is handed to Santa who then gives it to the kids as they sit on his lap. This is a perfect time for parents to have the child’s picture taken with Santa without having an annoying elf asking for ten bucks!


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