Pool Party



The invitation can be written on a beach ball using a black marker, deflated and delivered. The guest must re-inflate it to see the message. OR use ours:  Pool Party Invite


At the Party:

Contact your local community pool about rentals. Many offer a birthday party package that includes a free swim and cake and ice cream in a party room.

If you have your own swimming pool you must explain the rules to everyone before any activities are to happen. At least one adult should act as a lifeguard (not just a casual observer who is chatting with others) to keep an eye on the commotion. Many students are qualified lifeguards who would appreciate the opportunity to supervise a pool party, not to mention the money they would earn. Having someone else acting as lifeguard allows the group leader to concentrate on running the games.

A smaller kiddie or inflatable pool can also act as a pool party backdrop.


Food & Drink:

BBQ hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob.



Games: Fill The Pot Relay, Target Shooting.
Crafts: Floating Fish, Watermelon Slice.


Loot Bag:

Beach ball, cheap sunglasses, plastic tumbler with fancy novelty straw.


Brian says “If You Want To Go All Out…”

“Have the kids practice their “canon ball” skills off the diving board. If any show the slightest amount of talent, contact the International Olympic Committee and apply to have it accepted as a demonstration sport. Hey, you never know!”