Painting Party



The invitation can be in the shape of a painter’s palette accompanied by a real paint brush OR use ours:  Painting Party Invite


At the Party:

Offer each guest a painting shirt (old dress shirts with the sleeves shortened), a painting hat and a brush (in case they forgot to bring theirs.)


Food & Drink:

Sandwiches made with colored bread (bread that has had food coloring included prior to baking. Available at many grocery stores or bakeries.) Colorful punches and drinks.



Have large sheets of poster or banner paper taped to a wall. You may want to tape up old newspapers first and then tape the banner paper over it to protect the walls).

Use water based poster paint.

Have the kids paint something that the birthday boy or girl likes. Hide the dog!


Loot Bag:

Paint set, brushes and maybe have them keep the paint shirts they used especially if their names have been put on them.


Brian says If You Want To Go All Out…

Have the kids paint on canvas. Contact a major museum or gallery and inform them of this delicious new concept of angry young people displaying their frustrations, fears and dreams of this society’s treatment of the future, forever captured in a grand format that is designed to compel, distract and confront the very foundations that face these young people today! (Or something like that.) Collect and quickly cash the large check and book that trip to Hawaii!


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