Mud Party


What kid doesn’t enjoy a good mud bath? All you need is patch of dirt, some water and a few willing participants. Make sure the dirt area is free of stones, rocks and other debris. They will hurt when you wallow. When adding the water use a shovel or rake to really mix the mud up. A depth of at least four inches is ideal.

Keep a few old rags or towels and the garden hose running slightly so that you can easily wash out mud filled eyes. A few rules for any mud party should include: no throwing of mud; no dunking of heads into the mud; no rough play; no leaving the mud area until they are thoroughly cleaned off.

A great game to play prior to any of them going into the mud area is to have a “mud fight.” All the kids stand around the edge of the mud area. When the leader shouts go, all the kids enter the mud pit and have one minute to get each other as dirty as possible while trying to keep themselves as clean as possible. When time is up, everyone stops what they’re doing. The leader then judges and selects the cleanest as the winner.

The hairdo competition has teams of three creating a unique hairdo on one of their members. The group leader then judges and selects the most creative and the biggest.

The mud bath competition has teams trying to cover a member of their group with mud as they sit. The first team to completely cover their team-mate with mud, up to the neck only, is the winner.

As much fun as this is, it is very important that direct supervision is maintained at all times because of the potential danger. With a large group, the usual 3 short whistles used by lifeguards to clear a pool should be used along with a head count.


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