Invitations can be more than just a store bought card sent in the mail. They can be exciting and add anticipation to the event. The following suggestions can be adapted to any special event or theme. Some may seem time consuming but the effort will speak volumes. The effort made will make your invitation stand out from the rest.


Packaging Your Invitations

Send the invitation inside a box, can or cardboard paper towel tube. Place the invitation inside the container and wrap carefully. Place the invitation inside a box, wrap it and place it inside another box, wrap that, then place it in yet another box and wrap.


The Mystery Text

Have it written in reverse so that it can be read by looking at it with a mirror Use pictures instead of words, but just in case, write the invitation out in small print on the other side Paint the invitation onto large poster paper and fold until its as small as possible;


Puzzle Piece Invitation

Choose an actual puzzle that has a few more pieces than the number of guests you are inviting (ie. use a 24 piece puzzle if you are having 18 guests). Put the puzzle together and place on a piece of poster or Bristol board. Draw the outline of each piece as if the puzzle was complete. Send one puzzle piece to each guest along with their invitation. Any remaining puzzle pieces can be placed by tape or glue onto their appropriate spot on the puzzle board. When all the guests have arrived, place a piece of tape onto each piece and have the guests work together to put the puzzle together to reveal a theme or picture. Help them along if they have trouble. You can also draw your own picture and cut into squares (for older kids) or into unique shapes for the younger ones.


Party Essentials Invitation

Include a party hat, blow out and an uninflated balloon (unless the kids are under the age of 2). Instruct them to bring these if they want to party. Keep some on hand in case the kids lose or forget theirs.


Activity Sheet Invitation

Using the Birthday Puzzle Invitation, fill in the calendar and clocks with the appropriate month and dates. Circle the date of the party. Draw in the hands on the clock for the start and end times. Write the address at the drawing of the house located at the end of the maze. Write your telephone number on the bottom right hand corner for parents to confirm their attendance or to clarify the information included.


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