Hollywood Party



In the shape of a traditional movie camera or clap board (the one they click before they shoot a scene). OR use ours:  Hollywood Party Invite


At the Party:

The leader of the party is dressed as a famous film director complete with megaphone, sunglasses and video camera.


Food & Drink:

Cold buffet with fancy drinks.



Have the kids come up with a brief story. Decide on who will play which characters. The story should ideally feature the birthday boy or girl as the lead or have the birthday tied in someway.

Show the video during lunch or just before the party ends. Many of the video cameras today have editing features built right in so that special effects and titles can be easily and quickly added.

Provide a link to a copy of the video to each guest along with the thank you note.


Loot Bag:

Cheap sunglasses, gift certificate from the local video store, novelty trophy (to be presented as an award from the academy).


Brian says If You Want To Go All Out…

Shop the script the kids come up with to a few of the major studios. When one shows interest take all the credit, negotiate a humongous price and buy an estate on the beach. Send the kids a lovely fruit basket for all their help.


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