Create a Floor Bouquet

Create a balloon bouquet


Fill and size three balloons with helium. Tie each of the balloons to a piece of ribbon, allowing for a piece at least one foot long to hang down, and tie them to a chair or table.

Take another balloon and fill it with sand or water to create a weight.

Grab the balloons at the top of the ribbon, just below the balloon’s neck, with one hand so that they are bunched together. With the other hand pull one balloon up while that ribbon slips through your hand. Remember to always hold the ribbons.

Pull the next one up so that it is about a quarter of the way up on the first. Do the same for the last. Holding the ribbons firmly near the floor, tie them all together so that they remain the same distance from each other. Tie the ribbon to the balloon weight at the height required.

You can also cover the balloon weight afterwards with some colored tissue paper.

Now you have a 3 balloon floor bouquet.

You can make the bouquets as large as you would like. I’ve used two bouquets of twelve balloons each, to frame a large projection screen for an annual meeting.

These bouquets can be used in the corners of rooms, dance floors, at entrances and on tables.


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