Easter Party


Just like Christmas, this holiday has two aspects. The original celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. Some people will wish to celebrate this special religious occasion.  Others will wish to observe the arrival of some magical rabbit that likes to leave colorful and tasty things behind. 

In this politically correct society that we live in, we go out of our way to not offend anyone. Do not forget why Easter is celebrated in the first place. Both aspects can be introduced to the kids at the same time. Discussion with the organizers and even some parents will give you an idea of which approach your event should take.

There are three words that best describe the bunny version of Easter: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. I know from first hand experience since my father worked as a candy and chocolate maker for years before I was born. We never bought chocolate bunnies from the store because we always made our own. Boy, that was a great time. I’m paying for it now however but it was sure great.


Activities, Games and Crafts

At our house Easter Sunday is the opening of chocolate hunting season. The kids would come into our room when they wake up and I would go downstairs to check to see if the Easter Bunny had left.  I would then grab the video camera and give the girls the “all clear.”

At first they would take the cautious approach, gently stalking their prey. Then they quickly pounce on the most vulnerable chocolates of them all, the one left in the open. Tradition dictates that the first chocolate must be eaten immediately. The next twenty minutes can only be described as a chocolate slaughter.

When hiding the treats the night before, make the first few easy to find. The next few should be a little tougher. But don’t make it hard, especially for the younger ones. After a few minutes you’ll find that they have had enough of hunting and want to get down to the eating! Be firm. You don’t want a house full of “chocoholics” running around out of control.

Hiding treats during a party can take a bit of work. Try gathering the kids into an area where they can play a few games. Once they are distracted have someone hide the treats. You can try hiding them before hand but don’t underestimate the mind of a child who is out for chocolate! The kid’s inner radar system is activated when they enter your home. If one treat is found prior to the hunt, its open season and they’ll all start hunting. I’ve heard of grown men and women weeping openly after a false start to their party’s hunt. Don’t let this happen to you!

The most popular craft at this time is Easter Egg Painting. The easiest way to prepare the eggs is to place them in a pot with cold water. Bring to a boil and let cook for ten minutes. Allow to cool in the pot. This will, hopefully, keep the shells from cracking. To give them a little more toughness, I’ve seen them painted with a white latex paint after they’ve cooled. This may be a good idea for the younger kids. Arm them with paint, brushes and markers and let them go to work. The Easter Bunny Basket is another great craft.


Loot Bags

There are many small story and coloring books with an Easter theme. I’ve seen small inexpensive egg coloring painting sets at the local discount stores and even at some craft shops. Start looking for items at least a month or two before. You’ll never know what you’ll find.



The most popular colors for Easter are white, yellow, pink and purple. Your local party supply store will have a ton of Easter decorations, balloons and anything else you can think of for decorating.

A few weeks prior to Easter, why not have the kids cut out and decorate Easter eggs out of construction paper. Not only will this provide a great craft session but will also get them excited about the upcoming holiday.


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