Decorate Your Playroom


There are literally thousands of prints, preprinted stickers and other assorted wall hangings available, in virtually every theme imaginable. You can spend hundreds of dollars creating the most beautiful, kid friendly room in the world or spend a few dollars with a few of the following tips. (Didn’t that just sound like an informercial?)

Many government departments, environmental and animal groups have free promotional posters available for the asking. Most of these are beautifully made but some may have messages that are not appropriate for kids and can be removed.

If the poster features a very nice picture of some cute animal, simply cut the picture out and hang it. Some may not allow you to do this without damaging the part you want. In that case, cover the areas with pieces of another poster, stickers or even use a marker or paint to block it out.

Dry mount the poster and hang.

If you have access to a color printer, select a few of the millions of pieces of clip art or stock photos that are available online with many drawing programs or on the internet and print. Dry mount and hang.

For my children’s play room at home I printed each letter of the alphabet and the numbers one to ten in different colors, on its own sheet of letter size card stock, available at all office supply stores.

Since the color of the play room walls and the card stock were both white, I simply cut out the letters and numbers allowing about a quarter of an inch of white space around them. I then used two-sided carpet tape on the back and spaced them along the wall so that the alphabet and numbers wrapped around the entire room.



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