Decorate with Balloons


Over the years I’ve discovered one of the best ways to add excitement to an event is with balloon decorations.

Since 1997, I’ve been adding balloons to everything from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holiday events are made a little more special with balloons. Here are a few simple balloon decor ideas that are easy and work wonderfully in creating the proper atmosphere for your special event.

If your event involves younger children, you may want to keep all decorations out of their reach. Children under the age of two should not handle balloons and absolutely no one should inhale any helium.Balloon-in-Box

Helium tanks and electric balloon blowers are available for rent at most party supply stores. Purchase good quality balloons rather than the cheap ones. You will notice the difference immediately. A roll or two of curling ribbon, a large cardboard box, scissors and some fishing line is all you need.

The most common balloon size is 11 inches. Take a cardboard box and cut a hole 10 – 10 1/2 inches in diameter. This will be your template to keep all your balloons the same size.

When you inflate a balloon with either helium or air, fill it so that it is slightly larger than the hole you’ve made. Place the balloon over the hole and release the neck slightly so that the air/gas escapes until the balloon fits into the hole. Remove and tie.

Keep in mind that air filled balloons will last for days while helium filled will last 12 – 18 hours.


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