Dances have been popular with kids for as long as there has been music. All you need is a good size room, some music and two clear walls, one for the boys and one for the girls to stand along while they giggle at each other. Ah, youth!

There are a lot of kids who would like to spend the day dancing. There are also many kids who would like to dance but are quite shy. Group leaders or camp counselors should make an effort to ask these kids to dance. It may just be the little boost they need to feel like they’re part of the group.

Here are a few themes to make those dances just a little more interesting.


Sadie Hawkins

All the country bumpkins have gathered at the old barn for a good ole’ fashion ho down! Guests come in their favorite hillbilly outfit.

The twist at this dance is that the girls can ask the boys to dance but not the other way around. Every once in a while, “Uncle Festus” stops the music, grabs his old pitchfork (remember not to use a real one) and selects two people who are dancing together for a “shot gun” wedding.

Festus brings the happy couple up to the front where “Reverend Smiley” marries them in a 30 second ceremony. The new bride and groom are presented with a souvenir marriage license.

Bales of hay can be brought in for decor. Farm animals are an option.


Beach Party

Have one in your backyard, at school in the middle of winter or even on an actual beach.

Guests wear their favorite beach attire including leis and the loudest Hawaiian shirts available. A blob of white sun shade on their nose combined with dark sunglasses is a nice touch.

If the party is to take place in the evening or at night, make sure there is enough light for your guests to see. Patio lanterns add great atmosphere.


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