Campfire – Skits


Many summer camps have areas such as amphitheaters where a fire pit is surrounded by logs for the kids to sit on with their cabin groups. Each cabin would have to perform a song or skit as entertainment. The cornier the skit, the better.

One of my favorite skits starts with one person standing up front. When another person comes across the stage, the first person says “Hi Bill, nice shirt. Where did you get it from”? The person says “J.C. Penny” and walks on by. Another person walks by, “Hi Frank, nice pants. Where did you get it from”? That person says “J.C. Penny” and walks on by. This continues until there is one person left in the group. The last person comes out wearing nothing but a blanket or towel and looking like he’s been roughed up. The first person says “You look awful, who are you”? Then comes the punch line, “I’m J.C. Penny!”

Another golden oldie is set in the desert. A single cup of water is sitting up front. The first person crawls across the ground, mumbling “water, water” and collapses. The next person does the same but collapses a little closer to the cup. This continues until the last one crawls to the cup, stops, pulls a comb out of his pocket and dips it into the water. He starts to slick back his hair and says “Ah, that’s better.”

They may not be Oscar-worthy material but the kids enjoy them. This is also a great way to get the quiet and shy kids involved with the others.


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