Bowling Party



The invitation can be in the shape of a bowling pin or can be taped to a children’s plastic bowling pin OR use ours: ‘ Bowling Party Invite


At the Party:

Have the kids come in traditional bowling gear (tacky shirt, tight pants and bad hair styles) and arrange to meet at the local bowling alley. A few lanes in a far away part of the alley would be ideal.


Food & Drink:

Buffet of cold cuts, assorted dipping and snack foods and lots of lots of root beer.



Many bowling alleys offer ‘bumper bowling” for the smaller kids. Inflated rolls are placed in the gutters to keep the balls going in the direction of the pins.

Have prizes for best and worst score, best and worst style, best and worst dressed, etc. Small trophies or certificates are ideal.

Every guest must receive a prize so be sure to create as many categories as there are kids.


Loot Bag:

Bowling towel, comic books, bubble gum and gift certificates for free bowling.


Brian Says If You Want To Go All Out…

Have the kid’s parents contribute a chunk of their college fund into a pot and have a semi-pro tournament. Contact the local cable outlet for coverage and invite the local used car dealership to sponsor the event. Remember to keep all merchandising rights – that’s where you’ll make the big bucks!


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