At the Zoo Party



Invitation to look like a zoo keeper OR use ours:  Party at the Zoo Invite


At the Party:

All the animals have gotten together to celebrate a birthday. Guests come dressed as their favorite wild animal.


Food & Drink:

Wrap French fries up with string to look like a bale of hay. Make feed bags by using large paper bags with the sides cut and turned until the sides are roughly 2-3 inches high. Serve lunch inside the bag. Have the “Zoo Keeper” come around and serve the food to the animals.



Crafts: Body Tracing and add animal features (antlers, tails); Floating Fish but using animal shapes. Games: Barn Yard Party; Animal Safari.


Loot Bag:

Animal Crackers, stickers.


Brian says If You Want To Go All Out…

Have one of the adults act as an animal researcher who chases the animals, ties them up and staples a tag to their ear just like all those nature shows. Okay, use tape instead.


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