Create Air Filled Pillars



Tie one end of your fishing line to a post, table or chair. Fill and size two balloons with air and tie them together.

Fill and size another two balloons with air and tie them together. Twist the two bunches together to make a cluster.

Place the cluster onto the fishing line about two feet from the end of the fishing line.

Holding the cluster still, gently twist one of the balloons so that its neck is wrapped around the fishing line.

Create another 4 balloon cluster and place on the line a few inches from the first. Wrap one of the necks onto the fishing line and gently push the cluster up into the first so that the balloons are nested into the others.

Repeat until you achieve the length of column you want.


There are many different patterns you can make with the columns depending on the colors used. The secret is to keep the combination or order of colors the same on each cluster. When the cluster is twisted onto the fishing line, you can gently turn the cluster until the balloons are in the order you want.

Columns can be hung from ceilings, across walls and anywhere else a string of color will fit.

Inspect the area where the balloons will be for nails, pins and anything else that others might of left behind from other events. Keep the balloons away from lights and heat sources.


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