Hot on the Trail


A challenging activity that takes a bit of planning but will keep a group of kids busy for a while.  Ideal for a summer camp or large birthday party. 


Equipment Needed:

Envelope, paper and pen.


How To Play:

Divide the group into teams. Select the number of stations by taking the number of teams you have and adding one (example: if you have ten teams, you will need eleven stations). Each team is assigned to a station at the start of the game.

Each station will have an envelope that contains a clue or riddle as to where the next station is. Once the clue is read, the team leader returns it to its appropriate place before advancing to the next station. The first team to complete all stations wins.

An example of a clue or riddle: “It has lots of these you can take to bed, with words and pictures that will feed your head. The clue is located right under his nose, but he won’t tell you where because he’s made of cold stone.”  Answer: Underneath a statue at the library. You can make it as easy or difficult as long as you keep the kids ages and abilities in mind.


Brian suggests:

If your groups are of various ages, you may want to have a different set of clues for the younger ones and a more challenging set of clues for the older ones. Picture clues can be used instead of words.


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