Animal Safari

Animal Safari is an active game that gets the kids running around and is ideal for medium and large groups.


Equipment Needed:

Paper and Pen.


How To Play:

Group leaders are the animals. Faster animals are worth the most amount of points. Slower ones are awarded less. Teams must go out into “the jungle” and capture an animal, tag then release them. The team captures and animal by having a member touch (tag) the animal. The team must gather around the animal within a few seconds or the animal is free to go. The animal will then hand the team a piece of paper with a point value on it. Once the animal is released, it is given a twenty second start time to get away. A team may not capture the same animal twice in a row. At the end of the game the team with the most points is the winner.


Brian suggests:

Have the group leaders dress up in costumes. Example: antlers can be made by taping paper to a hat; turtles can be dressed in green; flying squirrel can have a cape. Making the appropriate animal noises is great for attracting attention.

If the teams vary in ages, control the amount of effort used to avoid being caught. A team of small kids would have a ball trying to capture an animal that is just weaving its way through the team before getting caught. For a team of pre-teen boys you might want to make them work a little harder to capture you. But don’t forget to let them.


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