Valentine Wreath


A Valentine Wreath is not only a fun craft but can be made in almost any size and used to decorate for this special day. 


Materials Needed:A Valentine Wreath craft from What To Do With The Kids

Paper plate or Bristol Board, construction paper, scissors, glue.



If using a paper plate, cut a circle out of the middle so that you are left with a ring about 2-3 inches wide. Cut out various sizes of hearts in different colors. Glue hearts onto paper plate until covered.


Brian says:

To save time, try folding a sheet of construction paper a few times. Trace heart shape and cut so that more than one heart is made.

Use different shades of red, pink and white.

Start with the larger hearts and work your way to the smaller ones.

Print a photo of your special Valentine and glue on the back side so the image is seen from the front.


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