Stand Up Characters


Materials Needed:Stand-Up-Character

Magazines or photographs, Bristol Board, cardboard, glue, scissors.



Choose a favorite photograph of a person or animal. Glue photograph onto Bristol Board. Carefully cut the person in the photograph out. Since each and every cut-out will be a different size you may have to experiment with the base sizes. Take cardboard and cut a strip long enough so that it can be folded to form a triangle with one corner at a 90 degree angle. Stand both triangle and cut-out up on a table so that one side of the triangle touches the back of the cut-out. Apply glue to that side of the triangle and push into place. Allow to dry.


Brian says:

“You can also use photographs or magazine pictures of animals.”

“Depending on the color of your cut-out, you may want to color or paint the base to match.”


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