Shamrock Wreath


Materials Needed:Shamrock-Wreath

Paper plate or Bristol Board, construction paper, scissors, glue.



If using a paper plate, cut a circle out of the middle so that you are left with a ring about 2-3 inches wide.

Cut out various sizes of shamrocks in different shades of green.

Glue onto paper plate starting with the larger ones and ending with the smaller ones until covered.


Brian says:

To save time and to make shamrocks of the same size, draw a shamrock onto a piece of card stock or cardboard and use it as a template.  Place on a sheet of construction paper and trace in light pencil.  Fit as many as needed on a sheet close to each other and cut.

Print a photo of your favorite Irish person and glue on the back side so the image is seen from the front.

Write a popular Irish saying suck as “Erin go braugh” or “Kiss me I’m Irish” on a piece of paper or card stock and place on the back so the message is seen from the front.


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