Recipe Card Holder


Materials Needed:Recipe-Card-Holder

Craft sticks, small flower pot, potting soil, miscellaneous craft supplies.



Place three craft sticks side by side. Slide the middle one so that it is about two-thirds of the way up the two on either side.

Carefully glue another stick across the three.

Take another two sticks and glue together at the ends so that they form a ninety-degree angle. Glue the point where they connect to the bottom of the middle stick so that it forms three fingers as illustrated.

Decorate pot and fill and pack with soil.

Push sticks into the soil at a slight angle so that the back of the sticks rest against the edge of the pot.

Place recipe card between the three fingers so that the middle one is behind the card.


Brian says:

Place grass seeds in soil and allow to grow.

Color or paint the craft sticks.


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