Personalized Book


Materials Needed:Personalized-Booklet

Construction paper, yarn, markers and/or crayons, glue.



Take two sheets of construction paper, place them together and fold to form the book cover.

Using a hole punch or a sharp pen, make two holes along the fold at least one inch from the top and bottom.

Thread yarn through the holes and tie so that the knot is on the outside of the booklet.


Brian says:

This booklet can be used for so many things. It can be used to create a scrapbook of a family trip including photographs, ticket stubs, a map of where you traveled and anything else that can be glued onto the pages. The booklet can also be used to record the child’s hockey season with a photograph of the team, the autographs of all the players and coaches, schedule and results.

To add more pages simply take a piece of construction paper, fold in half and punch the holes so they match the existing pages. Cut yarn, insert new page and thread new yarn to fasten them all together.

For an added touch, hold the booklet closed and carefully cut the corners so that they are rounded. All pages will now have round edges.


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