Paper Mache Mask


Materials Needed:Paper-Mache-Mask

Paper Mache, 2 balloons, glue, crayons, markers or paints, elastic band, utility knife.



Inflate balloon and tie off. Inflate other balloon until it is roughly two to three inches long. Glue smaller balloon onto middle of larger balloon.

Prepare paper mache paste and begin covering balloon with paper. After a few layers, the image of the nose should come through.

Add raised features such as lips, eyebrows and ears. To form a raised feature such as lips, take a slip of paper that’s been covered in paste and twist until it resembles a string. Place around where you believe the mouth to be. This is the base for your feature.

Cover the base with regular strips of paper covered in paste until the feature is smooth or becomes the size you like. Once all features have been added, allow to dry overnight.

Once dry, cut balloon in half and carefully remove the balloons from inside.

Paint, decorate and allow to dry.

Carefully cut out holes for eyes, mouth and nostrils Cut elastic band.

Puncture two holes in the mask and tie elastic to each.


Brian says:

Make sure the eye and nose holes are big enough for them to see and breath properly.


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