Newsprint Structure


Materials Needed:Newsprint-Structure

Newspapers, tape.



Roll two to three sheets of newspaper tightly and tape. This is the basic piece for any structure. Use these as framing for your structure.

Make a wall by taping four rolls together to form a frame. Repeat three more times.

Stand two walls together so they form a corner. Wrap one sheet of newspaper tightly around the two pieces of the wall that touch and tape. Repeat for the other two walls and join the two sections together using the same method.

Make two walls that will each fit across the top of your structure. Attach the two together and bend so that it forms the roof. Attach to the rest of the structure.

Cover by taping newspaper onto roof and sides remembering to leave one end open as the entrance.


Brian says:

Use Bristol board for the walls and roof so they can be painted.

Paint bricks, stones or siding on the walls, and shingles on the roof.


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