Grass Heads


Materials Needed:Grass-Head

Light colored pantyhose, potting mix, grass seed, yogurt container, construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, markers or paint.



Drop a generous amount of grass seed into the toe of the stocking.

Pour in potting mix and loosely pack until you have a ball. Tie a knot right below the ball.

Measure about six inches down from the knot and cut the excess.

Decorate the yogurt container with construction paper glued in place.

Place stocking in yogurt container with the knot down. Using crayons on the construction paper, create eyes, nose, mouth, ears. Cut arms and hands and glue into place.

Water regularly and watch his “hair” grow.


Brian says:

Be careful when you give it a haircut. I strongly suggest using scissors and not a weed wacker. It makes quite the mess!


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