Cool Shades


Materials Needed: Fun-Shades

Bristol Board, cellophane, glue, crayons, markers or paint, miscellaneous craft supplies.




Trace pattern onto Bristol board and carefully cut into shape of glasses, including the arms.

Turn glasses over so the back side is showing. Cut cellophane slightly larger than openings.

Apply glue around openings and place cellophane making sure that it completely covers. Allow to dry.

Decorate with crayons, markers, paint or any other craft items you may have.

Bend the arms carefully so that the back side is against the face.


Brian says:

Use a piece of string to measure the child from ear to ear, crossing across the bridge of the nose. Lay the string down onto the Bristol board to give you the actual length.

After tracing the basic shape, why not add more space above the eyes. This would allow the glasses to hold more decorations.

Avoid sparkles. They can fall into young eyes.


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