Butterfly #2


Materials Needed:Butterfly-2

Large white coffee filters, water based paints, brushes, spray bottle, pipe cleaners, scissors.



Flatten filter and lightly spray with water. Using slightly diluted paint, begin to decorate.

While still wet spray again with water to have colors bleed into each other. Allow to dry.

Take pipe cleaner and fold in half. With one finger at the top edge and one at the bottom, pinch the filter together in the middle. Place inside the folded pipe cleaner.

Twist the pipe cleaner where it meets the filter to keep it in place. Form the wings by spreading open the sides of the filter.

Create antennas by separating the open end of the pipe cleaner.


Brian says:


If you run out of coffee filters, don’t try reusing the coffee filter from this craft.  It will taste awful and make your tongue stained for a week!


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