What To Do With The Kids Craft Network


The WTDWTK Craft Network is designed to provide adults with a directory of links to craft ideas and projects that they can use with their kids.   If you offer crafts on your website, we invite you to join our network.

This network is designed to promote traffic to each other”s website, costs absolutely nothing and helps share the joys of crafts with others.   Sharing links from each other’s website can also help with search engine optimization (SEO) and page rankings since we are sharing relevant information, namely crafts.

Here is how it works:

You have a page on your website with clear instructions on how to make a craft.  You submit the link to us and we look it over and when approved, it gets listed in our crafts section.  The link will feature the name of the craft and be in a different color than the content we currently feature.  It’s that simple.

Some reasons for refusing a submission may be if the directions are not clear, are confusing or require the purchase of specific equipment or supplies from you or an affiliate.  Anything that may be considered illegal, immoral or in bad taste will also be refused.

Once we list your page, we’ll promote your submission on all of our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter efforts.  In exchange, all we ask is that you post an ad to our website’s home page on your craft page.

There are no hidden fees or contracts.   This is partnership designed to share great ideas with parents of school-aged kids.

Send your submissions or questions to stuff@whattodowiththekids.com.