An Honest Review or a Paid Advertisement?

What To Do With The Kids Product ReviewsAn honest product review and not a paid advertisement.

When I re-launched What To Do With The Kids in 2011, I noticed that a number of similar websites displayed awards they had received from some impressive sounding organizations.  Of course, I wanted some awards as well thinking that to have them would provide credibility with my target market and attract new visitors.  As it turns out, there were many to choose from, as long as I had a major credit card!

One online company offered to review my website for $250 and depending on my “score,” I could qualify for one of three promotional packages that would allow me to use their name and logo to promote my award.  The packages ranged from $100 to use their name in text only, to $500 that would allow me to use the award artwork on my website and promotional material.  I’m guessing that very few companies who submitted their websites for review were ever rejected and all of them qualified for the top package.

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Top 10 Skills needed to be a Good Camp Counselor

Top 10 Skills needed to be a Good Camp CounselorNow is the time for parents to start researching camps for their kids and there are a lot to choose from but it’s also the time of year when students have to start thinking about a summer job and being a camp counselor is a popular one.  How many other jobs do you know of that will pay you to play with kids? 

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The Top 10 Classic Games or Toys that Kids Today Should be Playing With Revised for 2017

Top 10 Classic toys or games that kids today should be playing - Revised for 2017In 2012, What To Do With The Kids® asked parents to submit their list of the top classic toys or games they felt that kid’s today should be playing with but this time we decided to ask toy and game industry professionals for their opinions and many of the choices have not changed.

A number of people suggested toys and games for specific age groups but for this list we wanted an overall view of what the kids should be playing with today.  Brand name products are listed but for many, these are considered to be a “classic” game or toy.

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4 Ways to Connect with Your Children

Children are our greatest treasure, and properly bonding with them while they’re still very young is really important both for their own personal development and for creating a strong emotional connection with them that will last for the rest of your lives. However, many new parents feel that this isn’t always so easy to do – after all, it’s been a long time since we were kids ourselves and sometimes it’s challenging to put yourself in that kind of mindset. Today I want to help you out with that by talking about four simple ways in which you can really strengthen the bond you have with your children, as their best friend and ultimately as their role model as well.

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Lice: The word that causes panic

Lice that word that causes panic. It doesn’t have to be that way.  You need to get good information about what to look for, how to safely treat and how to deal with your environment.

If you suspect lice, you need to know where to look. Lice like to lay their eggs around the hairline at the nape of the neck and the hairline around the ears.  Lint or dandruff can be easily plucked off a hair but eggs are glued on one side of the hair shaft.  These eggs are laid close to the scalp as close as 2mm. People often think they will see lice in the hair and that is often not the case.  They do move fast making them hard to find. You are better off looking for the eggs than a louse.

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An open letter to all school boards, schools, teachers and parents

I hope this letter finds you all well.  As you and everyone else know, bullying is a problem but as I’ve said many times before, it will never go away.  As a former youth worker and program director, I feel that the best way to fight bullying is to develop a kid’s self-esteem since a kid with confidence and acceptance of themselves is less likely to be a victim of bullying.

Now I’m well aware that every once in a while you have a school assembly with anti-bullying skits and cheers which are great for reaching kids that already have high self-esteem and confidence.  The problem however is reaching the quiet and shy ones.  The kids who feel like outsiders aren’t the ones who get all pumped up at these rallies and therefore the message has little effect on them. …Continue Reading

Top 10 Family Christmas/Holiday Movies or TV Shows for 2016

top-10-moviesWe’ve updated our list of the Top 10 Family Christmas or Holiday Movies or Television Shows for 2016.

Regardless of the order, we like the idea of getting all of the family together to spend some time together during the busy holiday season.
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SitterAdvantage™: How my app came to life!

hand-with-phone-in-playroomLike most entrepreneurs, great ideas are constantly popping up in my head and fortunately I am pretty good at writing those ideas down so I can work on them later.  When I relaunched my website What To Do With The Kids® back in 2011, my focus was on creating content that adults could use when it came to looking after kids and as a former youth worker at a local youth organization and program director at a summer camp, I had a lot of material to start with.

For many years after graduation I worked as a marketing professional in the electronic security industry and quickly learned the importance of having access to emergency help.  But it was during my time at college that I witnessed a tragic accident involving a kid that I witnessed and how adults react but more importantly, don’t react in such a situation.  The people who failed to react had no direct connection with the unfortunate outcome but it did illustrate the importance of knowing what to do, being prepared and having access to help.

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Introducing SitterAdvantage™

wtdwtk-and-sitteradvantageSitterAdvantage™ is the new app from What To Do With The Kids® that will not only make babysitters and nannies better but also offer parents the peace-of-mind of knowing that their kids are happy and safe.  Now available for iPhone and Android, this app helps sitters choose the right jobs, have fun with the kids and helps keep them safe in the event of an emergency.

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Your Company Needs an Angel Tree this Holiday Season

angel-treeIt won’t be long before campaigns to help the less fortunate start appearing between psychotic shouts of “I saw that first!” at the local department store.  Unfortunately, the number of needy people in our community grows every year and people today are aware of this need but many experience “donor fatigue” not long into the holiday season.  Here is a suggestion that will help bring your staff together and have fun while helping the less fortunate.  An Angel Tree!

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Top 10 Classic Games or Toys That Kids Should Be Playing With

Top-10-GamesPlease Note:  We have revised this list which can be found HERE.

What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) is pleased to release the results of our Special Report: The Top 10 Classic Toys or Games That Kids Today Should Be Playing With.

WTDWTK polled a number of parents from around the world using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and old fashion email and unlike our past Special Reports, contributors were more than happy to recall their fondest childhood memories of playing these games or with these toys.

Many commented on how these games and toys helped to develop their creativity, motor and cognitive skills and in this age of social media, their social skills. After all, there is no need to wait for someone to type their response back to you when you’re sitting right next to them.

In the age of electronics that were unheard of over 25 years ago, none of the top 10 uses electronics or needs batteries. …Continue Reading

Babysitting Offers Teens an Advantage in Life

Being a babysitter is one of the most successful forms of leadership training available to a teen today.  The skills learned and developed by being a sitter will help them to become productive and responsible adults.  It can also be a great way for them to make some extra money.

For parents, having someone watch their kids so that they can leave their home is like having a mini vacation.  It’s a chance to enjoy a few hours with their significant other or with other adults, have a few laughs and to relax.  For many others, a sitter or nanny is needed so that they can go to work to earn money to pay their bills.

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12 Things Parents Need to Know When Choosing a Summer Camp


There are a lot of considerations when it comes to picking a summer camp for your kids and we’ve narrowed it down to 12 areas that you need to know when your reading brochures and visiting websites.

Many camps start advertising in March so there should be plenty of time to do your research.  We suggest collecting your information first before bringing it up with your kids.

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Should Kids Have Pets?

Should-a-Kid-Have-a-PetA while back, What To Do With The Kids® asked adults if kids should have pets and if so, at what age should the kid be and what type of pet is best. Parents submitted over 600 responses through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and by email.  We asked the same question again and the responses were very similar although many more parents replied that given the opportunity, they would not have gotten a pet at all.

Although every single submission suggested that having a pet was good, the vast majority were more concerned about how the parents and the rest of the family would react to having a pet in their house.  Although the kid would be responsible, experience has shown that that is not always the case.   A handful of respondents said that they would never get a pet for their kids because they felt strongly that animals should not be pets.

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At what age is best for a kid to get a part-time job and what would that first job be?

Part-time-jobWhat To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) has just released its latest Special Report.   WTDWTK contacted parents from around the United States, Canada and Great Britain through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook as well as email, and asked them at what age is best for a kid to get a part-time job and what would that first job be?

WTDWTK received over 689 suggestions from 547 submissions and the most popular age suggested was 14 and the best job would be yard work. Yard work includes raking leaves, cutting grass and for those in the north, shovelling snow.

The next popular age was a tie between 15 and 16 year olds. For 15 year olds, yard work was the most popular response but for 16 year olds, babysitting was the favorite.

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Adults Still Feel Libraries are Still Relevant

LibrariesWhat To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) asked adults if they thought public libraries were relevant anymore. They were also asked if they or their kids used public libraries and why or why not.

What To Do With The Kids asked adults through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and email to submit their views and 301 people responded. The results are not scientific and are solely based on all responses received.

When asked if libraries were relevant, an overwhelming 97% said yes. Only 4 respondents said no and another 4 didn’t answer the question. Those that responded no explained that everything they ever needed from a library is now available on the internet. They also responded that they would rather purchase the books they wanted online in either a printed or electronic version than make a trip to the library.

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10 i’s of Leadership 4 Kids

WTDWTK-Guest-ColumnIf you consider the alphabet, you could probably think of a leader quality for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. But, we started with i, and discovered how important the “i” is to the leader in “U”!


What is leadership?

Leadership gives voice to a vision. Your vision releases the voltage of human potential which energizes you to take action, infused with a purpose. Leaders often bring their friends along on this remarkable journey.

Leadership helps you turn intentions (plans) into real actions to create change that is visible. This process turns a vision into an act of leadership to create a program, or a building, an invention, or something real that actually takes shape. This act of leading has a way of motivating people to work together to achieve big goals.  Leadership action positively changes a community, a state, a nation, the world and you!

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Top Movies of All-Time for Kids

Top-MoviesWhat To Do With The Kids asked adults what are the all-time best movies for kids to watch. Almost 1,600 people responded online and through social media with their choices in four different age categories: Preschool (0 – 5); Elementary (6 – 10); Middle School (11 – 13) and High School (14 – 17).

“There are dozens and dozens of great movies for kids so it really was a tough choice but the ones selected were by far the most popular” said Brian Presley, Director of Marketing for What To Do With The Kids. “Quite a few mentioned that they loved these movies as a kid and enjoy watching them again with their own kids.”
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Top 20 Things Every Parent Should Know When Their Kid Plays Competitive Sports

Competitive-Sports1.  Coaching comes from the bench, not the bleachers.

2.  Don’t make your kid’s sport your life. It’s okay to have one of your own.

3.  Despite what you think, there is no conspiracy by the referees to make calls against your team.

4.  When it stops being fun for your kid, it’s time to find another activity.

5.  99.99% of all organized sports do not hire bind refs so stop asking. …Continue Reading

Guest Articles Wanted

Bloggers-WantedWhat To Do With The Kids® is the website that adults go to when they want to know what to do with their kids and one of most popular features is our blog. We receive a lot of visitors and some great comments. (We’ve also received a few where people have missed the point completely but that’s for another time.) We do however read a fair amount of blogs and feel that our visitors would be interested in others with similar interests and that’s why we are inviting people to submit their articles to us.

WTDWTK would like to invite people to submit their articles but although we believe in free speech, we may not accept a submission because it may go against what we believe in, may not be relevant to our visitors or it may just be “Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs” crazy. We also won’t pay you but we will promote you and/or your website on our social media efforts. It obviously can’t be plagiarized and it can’t be disguised as a sales pitch either.

If you are interested, feel free to contact Brian Presley at for more information or to submit your column for review.