Pajama Party



The invitation can look like a sleeping teddy bear or other type of character. OR use ours:  Pajama Party Invite


At the Party:

Have the girls come in their pajamas, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers.


Food & Drink:

Lots of not-so-healthy snacks. A chocolate fondue may not be the healthiest thing to serve, but accompanied with fruit to dip should remove any guilt you may have.


Activities: Doing each other’s hair and other beauty rituals. Have everyone with cold cream or mud on their face and take their pictures.


Loot Bag:

Hair and make up accessories.


Brian says “If You Want To Go All Out…”

“Have a professional come in and show the girls how to properly do their nails, hair and anything else that girls like to do. (How should I know, I’m a guy!)”