Knights of the Round Table Party



Written on a shield or on a scroll using Old English type. OR use ours HERE.


At the Party:

The Knights of the Round Table have all gathered to celebrate a birthday.

Guests come dressed in medieval clothing with or without armor.

Address the boys as Sir (name) and the girls as Maid (name).

The leader or master of ceremony is dressed as Merlin the Magician. Magic tricks are a nice touch.


Food & Drink:

The food can be served as a feast that does not require utensils.



Crafts: Have them design a Coat of Arms on their shield, Tin Can Drum; Back Light Theater using knights and dragons as the characters.

Games: Pin the Tail using a drawing of a dragon.


Loot Bag:

Plastic sword, toy shield, plastic horse.


Brian says If You Want To Go All Out…

Give the kids a real taste of medieval life by renting a couple of horses and dress them up in traditional costumes. Use garden rake handles and hockey goaltender equipment to protect the kids for the joust competition. On second thought never mind, but it would be cool!


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