Golf Party



A simple invitation accompanied with a golf ball. OR use ours:  Golf Party Invite


At the Party:

Everyone can meet at your house and then travel together to the local mini-golf or driving range. Once everyone is finished playing, the party heads to the “19th Hole” where the rest of the party is being held.

Depending on the kid’s ages, a trip to the driving range that includes a lesson from a qualified instructor is a great way to introduce them to the game of golf. Kids will enjoy using the driving range since all they have to do is try to hit a golf ball.

If you are fortunate enough to have a very large backyard or are near an open field, you can setup your own such as The Home Style Mini Putt. If you do not have access to any type of golf equipment why not play Flying Disc Golf instead?

Each kid can have their own scorecard souvenir that they can keep after they’ve recorded their score.

Design a card that features the birthday theme, date, location and the kid’s name.


Food & Drink:

A traditional golf tournament lunch complete with barbecue hamburgers, hot dogs and prizes can be awarded to best score, worst score, best dressed, wildest swing and anything else you can think of whether golf related or not.



Craft: Wind Sock, Fridge Magnet designed with a golf theme.

Games: Quiet games for the kids to wind down with after being outside for a while.


Loot Bag:

Plastic golf club and ball, golf cap.


Brian says If You Want To Go All Out…

Hire a group of about 12 -18 seniors around to act as an entourage to follow each child as they proceed through the course. Give each child a green jacket as they finish and an endorsement contract for at least six figures.



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