Food & Drink Tips


Do you know what the difference is between a chicken dinner at home and one in a fancy restaurant? The presentation and the price.

Let’s face it, chicken is chicken no matter what sauce is on it. Add some vegetables you wouldn’t touch as a kid, a cream sauce made out of cheese spread with a splash of wine and serve it on a nice plate with cutlery that matches! It’s all in how you present it. With that to chew on, here are a few suggestions to make yours more interesting:

Cookie cutters come in thousands of shapes and work great on sandwiches. Many of our own lunches at home featured “dog bone” sandwiches. Try cookie cutters on pancakes and toast as well.

Use smaller cookie cutters on sliced fruit such as cantaloupe, melons, apples, pears and anything else that is firm and will not turn to mush.

Make your favorite punch and use a few drops of food coloring to match your theme. Dry ice in the punch bowl will give it that fog effect.

Flavored gelatin can be served in a number of ways: Use a cake pan such as a bunt, cup cake or even on one of those specialized pans in the shape of a cartoon character. Pour gelatin in, refrigerate and turn over onto a plate or serving tray. Decorate with whipped cream and candies.

Using clear glasses (wine glasses work great), pour some gelatin in and place on an angle in the refrigerator so that the gelatin gels on an angle. Repeat with the next color/flavor of gelatin. Allow to gel and repeat until you have enough or you’re sick of making the stuff.


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