Making it Easy on the Parents


With many special events, it’s not so much getting the kids to go, but getting the parents to let the kids go.

For the last few years, many of the concerts featuring (insert latest teen idol performer or group name here) have provided parents with their own separate (and sound proof) rooms where they can wait for their kids while they are at the show. A few chairs, some coffee and a lot of stories about how the music of their generation was so much better, is all that it takes.

If you’re having your child’s birthday party in one part of your home, why not invite the parents to stay in another while the kids play? A few chairs, some coffee and a lot of stories about parents who did not bring their kids to the party, is all that it takes.

Washroom facilities are a major concern for parents who attend an event alone with more than one child and with a stroller. I’ve been to a few outdoor events with my niece in a stroller where there would be no facility available for me to use while I have the little one. In the past, I’ve waited until no one was around before using a port-a-potty designed for wheelchairs. I would never be careless enough to leave a child alone.

A diaper change area would be greatly appreciated and does not have to be extravagant. A safe, secure and large enough counter space with close access to a sink and garbage can is all you need.

Some events even offer baby sitting or day care services to parents with very young children so that they can participate with their older kids.



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