Christmas Decorations


If you are looking to purchase ready made decorations check out your favorite retail stores in October! They’re usually kept right behind the Halloween supplies.

If you’re looking for less expensive, professionally made decorations why not check out the local garage and yard sales in your neighborhood. You could probably decorate your home for a fraction of the cost of buying it new. You would be surprised how many people are tired of storing a four foot illuminated Santa or candle in their garage and are willing to part with them for only a few dollars.

Wrapped presents are a given for any Christmas decor but who wants to wrap empty boxes when its a struggle to wrap the real gifts. Why not collect a few boxes and paint them to look like gifts. You can even personalize them with a painted tag addressed to an elf, a “do not open ’til Xmas” note or a great festive design. All that would be needed is a ribbon placed on top.

The best thing about this decor is that it can be made any time of the year and the boxes can be collapsed and stored until they are needed. Boxes painted with a primer and exterior paint can be displayed outside as well.

Large rolls of cotton batten are available at most drug stores and are great for use as snow for displays and the classic “spray snow” can turn any window into a winter wonderland.


If you have a few balloons, why not check out the following:

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