Carnival Party



Will look like a ticket OR use ours:  Carnival Party Invite


At the Party:

Each kid has their face painted when they arrive.


Food & Drink:

Hot dogs, french fries and candy apples.



Booths can be set up in different areas of the house or backyard. If space is limited have one booth for all the games. A booth will feature a bench or a table which the kids will stand behind while they play. The different games are then setup. Once finished, the next game is setup. The games are:

Knock Down: A table or bench is setup with at least six decorated coffee cans, plastic jugs or soda bottles. Each is filled with sand or water to give it a little weight. The space between each container should be the width of the ball that is being thrown. Each kid is given three tries at knocking as many down as possible. This game must be played with a backdrop of a wall, fence or some sort of netting behind.

Ring Toss: A box holding a number of empty soda bottles is placed a few feet away. Players take turns throwing rings so that they land on a bottle. Rings can be made out of mason jar tops or anything else you might find around the house.

Dart Toss: On a plank of wood tack various sizes of inflated balloons by their necks. Each kid has three darts to throw. Points can be awarded based on the size. Smaller balloons would be worth more than the larger ones. Another variation is to have this game as the last event. Each balloon would have a ticket inside of it with the name of a prize on it. Each kid can throw as many darts as needed until they burst a balloon. The prize marked on the piece of paper inside the balloon is then awarded.

Watermelon Eating Contest: Each kid is given a slice of watermelon. The first one finished is the winner.

Pie Eating Contest: Each kid is given a pie plate full of whipped cream. Without using their hands, the first one to clean their plate is the winner.

Guess Your Weight: The leader challenges the kids to guess the weight of a few adults that are around. The closest guess wins. Caution: Be careful who you ask!

Depending on the age group, you have the option of keeping score at each event for an overall total. The kid that finishes with the most points at the end of the day is given a prize. The second place finisher receives a smaller prize and so on until everyone has a prize.

Since the older ones would be more competitive they would probably keep score anyway. With younger kids, emphasize the fun of participating and don’t bother with the score. If they ask, tell them that it’s pretty close.


Loot Bag:

Paddle ball, balloons (unless they are under the age of 3), stickers, comic books, candy apple (wrapped in cellophane).


Brian Says If You Want To Go All Out…

You can hire a juggler or even a petting zoo. Many are listed online.

Classic popcorn and cotton candy machines are available for rent at many party supply stores.



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