Baseball Party


The invitation can be in the shape of a baseball, baseball bat or glove.


At the Party:
A pickup game at the local park. One of the parents can video tape the action to be played while lunch is being served. Pinata in the shape of the ball


Food & Drink:
Set up a mini concession stand to serve hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn and soda pop.


Divide the group into two teams and have a sports trivia contest. This may be the only time I suggest a video, but there are a number of very funny sport blooper tapes available. This can be played while they have their lunch. A skills competition: – longest hit, farthest throw


Loot Bag:
Trading cards, sport water bottle, shoelaces with their favorite team’s logo.


Brian says ‘If You Want To Go All Out…    Hire the local sports team to offer a sports clinic. Advertise the event, sell the television rights for pay-per-view and charge admission to people who want to watch. Negotiate merchandise fee with supplier.


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