Air Bands


Air bands allow kids to perform that great air guitar solo out of their bedroom and in front of real people.

Everyone in the group plays an imaginary instrument while lip-syncing to a song (remember Milli Vanilli?)

Kids can make instruments out of cardboard, paper and whatever else they can find. Top air bands are able to mimic their favorite artist’s video by using everyone in the group with some impressive choreography.

One summer, a group of us at summer camp performed a very impressive ZZ Top imitation, complete with long beards, fuzzy guitars and attractive girls in the background. It was so good that in fact we were offered a chance to open for Milli Vanilli but we didn’t want to miss the final campfire.

For a good air band show, all that is needed is an area for the kids to perform and a good sound system. An air band show is preferable to an air band competition.


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